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Tenuta Arbéta

Aristocratic character and vineyards blessed with ideal weather conditions: the Langhe region, in the heart of Piedmont, is such a landmark on Italy’s wine growing map that it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of important cultural, historic, and environmental sites. Piedmont has been producing wine since ancient times. It is the home of the Nebbiolo grape, which is not only considered by many to be Italy’s most noble variety, but it is also used to produce Barolo and Barbaresco – red wines that reach their full strength when aged.

This array of aromas is also characteristic of the Gavi, Roero Arneis, and Barbera d’Alba grapes, all of which boast a distinctive character and develop the complexity of their terroir over time, offering delightful surprises when sampled young and conserving distinctive flavors for those who prefer to let their wine mature.

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