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Vin Santo di Montepulciano

Vin Santo is made with naturally withered Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes and is a dessert wine - renowned for its pairing with the famous Tuscan Cantucci biscuits.
According to tradition, Vin Santo is made using the finest bunches of grapes (harvesting only those specifically chosen). These grapes are lain on mats or hung on hooks and left to wither (the procedure traditionally began with the waning moon, which supposedly prevented them from rotting). Once withered, the grapes are crushed and the must is transferred into casks made of different woods and in different sizes, from which the previous vintage of Vin Santo has just been removed. During this operation, care is taken to ensure that the lees from past production are left inside the cask, as they are responsible for the success of the Vin Santo, so much so that they are called the “mother” of the Vin Santo. The casks are then sealed and usually placed in an attic, to expose them to the extreme range of temperatures in summer and winter, as this helps the fermentation of the wine and the development of its aromas.