Cantina del Redi

The Cantina del Redi, an excellent brand from the Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano since 1988, wants to dedicate its name to the famous doctor Francesco Redi, great erudite from Arezzo, who celebrated the territory of Montepulciano, with its wines, among the best in Italy.

The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano produced by Cantina del Redi is among the most historic of the denomination. The aging cellar is located inside the historical seat of Montepulciano: newly renovated with the introducing of new 10 hl oak barrels and tonneaux for aging.
The grapes reserved for the production of the Cantina del Redi wines come exclusively from the most suitable areas of the territory, the real "Cru" of Montepulciano: "Ascianello", "Il Greppo", "Sanguineto", "San Savino", 'Terrarossa" (in the hamlet of Valiano), "Nottola" and "Le Caggiole". In addition to the rigorous selection criteria of the production area a special care is added in the agronomic controls of the vineyards and in the selection of the grapes, guaranteeing a qualitative excellence that makes the wines of Cantina del Redi a solid and authentic expression of the Poliziano territory.